Saturday, December 3, 2011

Busy with Events in the Red Sea イベントで忙しい紅海

Our time from Sri Lanka to Jordan was filled with events!

In GET Project Presentations, students work on different project in English, such as writing a children's book, doing a play and making a music video. With Beth (left) and Patricia (right), we made our own music video to show an example to the students. So much silliness, but so much fun!


The Asian Fashion Show was an event for all the participants to dress in the traditional or cultural clothing they purchased in the Asian countries that we visited. There were countless of saris from Singapore and Sri Lanka, Aozais from Vietnam... not one the same :)


Saana Auction was an auction- but different from a regular kind that you imagine. All items that were auctioned off were skills and experiences the staff could provide- language lessons, songs, dates... As part of this I offered Swedish classes, and I was scared to death anyone would be interested! Thankfully, my lesson was purchased and gosh I was relieved :-) 


Arabian Night was held as we were approaching the Arab country Jordan. An event were the audience were entertained by belly dance performances, we celebrated our arrival to the Middle East with learning greetings in Arabic and dancing belly dance under the full moon lit sky. 


It was also my close friend Patricia's birthday. Happy Birthday! It felt awesome to be part of your special day and I feel so grateful to have met you. 

The Day before we arrived at Aquaba, Jordan (from my diary): 

”BEAUTIFUL view of the sunset by the mountains, brown desert-y looking rocks and the moon. Sun on right side of open deck and moon on the other, it was a magical sight that I couldn't even imagine- seeing both moon & sun on the same horizon, connected by the sky. ”


First time in the Middle East, here we come! 

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