Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jordan Part III- Jeep & Deep in the desert ジープでディープに砂漠探検

Second Day in Jordan, from my diary:

Breakfast was yummy pita bread with hummus, oil&spices etc and with the sweet tea that I loved
We got ready and went on two jeeps into the deserts- the sandrock mountains were as powerful and tall as the day before and we got a good look of them as we could go close with the jeeps.


We also went up a rock that resembled a bridge, and I know we all felt like we were on top the world!!

And Sand dunes.... we rolled in the beautiful red sand like children! 

Back in Aquaba we did some shopping- the man we bought spices from was very very kind and would negotiate his prices down! I bought a bunch of spices that I hope to try to use back home...
We also had a nice lunch at a place called Alibaba (also probably the ONLY restaurant open during Ramadan... we saw countless Peace Boat People), where we had some really great hummus, baba ganoush, taboule, and lemon mint juice. DELICIOUS!

アカバに戻るとショッピング。スパイスを買いにいった所のおじさんはとてもとても優しく、自ら値段を安く交渉! 色々なスパイスを買ったけれど、家で試してみたいなぁ。

Devon Jay Tiev and I also went into a shisha café and I tried my first shisha. It was nice and I enjoyed the experience.  Jordinian coffee was very interesting, it tasted like strong coffee but with some spices… Everyone joined in to catch up on each other's day, becoming more and more like family :-) 


We went back to the boat around 6ish since we were really tired. I finished up some postcards and went to dinner with my roommate. 
EXHAUSTED but SO HAPPY! I cannot believe the experiences I've had in the last 48 hours.



Thank you Jordan, I hope to see you soon again! 

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