Saturday, December 17, 2011

Awesome Amsterdam あっと驚くアムステルダム

+ devon, bekah, ina and hiroki… the two roomies pair plus bekah took on Amsterdam together! We walked through the city, was defeated by Anne Frank Museum’s long line and went for coffee and wifi instead- I got to talk to sara and discuss our reunion in a few days J I got so excited and happy.


We went on to walk along red light district as beth and Richard joined us- we saw a few windows with women in underwear, but it seemed that being Sunday, the district must have been not so busy. Even then it was really weird to really see that this is such a common scene in the city. The same went with marijuana- we saw countless ‘coffeeshops’ where smoking weed is legalized, and as I smelt the smell, i was brought back to McGill times- where I would come home and the hallway would reek of weed smell.


Bekah, Ina and Hiroki broke off, and beth Richard Devon and I went for a quest for food- after much searching, we found the perfect spot that served organic food and delicious dessert- lemon merenge pie and chocolate cake. MMMMMM and tea yum! We thoroughly enjoyed the experiences.


Devon and I stopped by a small quiet pub for some beer also, and got a palm royale each, and talked about... what else? life. Everyone seem to have moments of wondering, searching and thoughts on this journey.


We got back well in time. Once back, I had to quickly post my postcards and took a nap, and went up for departure. It was really nice leaving while still bright, as people waved us off, and we could see the sunset. There were so many wind power generators and I even saw a rainbow- beautiful!


Happy with Amsterdam!!

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