Sunday, December 11, 2011

Egypt 2- Pyramids, Yahoooo! エジプト2−ピラミッド,ひゃっほ〜!!!

From the diary:
"We woke up at 4:30 to make it to meeting at 5am, when we then headed to the bus. After 3 hours, we arrived at the Cairo museum. Among other things, we saw golden objects from King Tut's grave and also got to see a room with the actual tombs, where he was covered in 3 tomb layers, each decorated so so intricately and beautifully. There were many motifs of birds and bird wings and the lines and the patterns were just mind-blowing. It is strange to think to put together that much effort for someone’s death and on preserving that person. On top of the multilayered tomb, the tomb and objects were in 9 boxes all together (like matoryoshka Russian dolls). I just wish we had more time, as we only had 1 hr to listen and look at these things. "


After the museum we went to a restaurant. We passed Nile river, and other small streams with heaps and heaps of trash and a dead horse. It was difficult to comprehend that this was normal here, and also in the background of this townscape, we could see the pyramids at the back.
Can you see it?


Once done with a yummy meal, we headed to the biggest pyramid first-146m high. The traders were very strong willed- I managed to get away by not looking them in the eye and going straight to the pyramids, but later I heard a story was that they would say getting on the camel would be a present, but would ask for money once time came for getting off- one Japanese tourist had paid $100 to get off. 


We headed next to the panorama place where we could see 3 different sized pyramids.  We also went to the sphinx. 


How did people make this??

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