Monday, December 5, 2011

Jordan Part II- Shooting Star like a Rocket ヨルダン2:ロケットみたいな流れ星

As the sun was setting we got in to the back of a truck to drive into stay at a Bedouin camp. The ride was bumpy but so exciting, and once we got to the camp we were given our tents. What fascinated me the most was the sound of silence. After being on a boat where there constantly are sounds- it was serene and purifying to just sit and enjoy silence.


Jordinian food: tasted so good! And the tea with ginger even better! We had a nice dinner sitting down all together on beautiful carpets. We also went outside to see the stars lying down on the sand. We saw a HUGE shooting that went through across the whole sky lasting for 5 seconds, it was so big and beautiful that it almost didn't look like a star, more like a rocket. Eventually we all dragged our mattresses from our camps and connected them all to one big bed and slept together under the stars and the moon. I woke up a few times, and every time I could see how the moon was traveling a bit.


We woke up naturally with the sunrise, and it was beautiful- the moon was dimming and the sun was coming out from the other side of the mountains lighting us up. It was this experience in the deserts that made me realize n really recognize and connect all I know about the earth, the seasons and how it rotates around the sun while the moon rotates around the earth.


What a special place Earth is.


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