Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fantastic France ファンタスティック・フランス

Another squeaky morning notifying us of the docking of the ship- I did still sleep after and got up for breakfast at 8. We got our passports and left the ship- took a taxi which had Jordanian music on, reminding us of Jordan, to the bus station. I was surprised how much French I could comprehend and also use, as we found out where and when the bus was leaving. We found a nice boulangerie and had some pain au chocolat and pain au chocolat amandes with some coffee, YUM.


We got on the bus for $2 return ticket, to Etretat. I enjoyed the scenery of French countryside, and as the breeze came into the bus, the smell of it as well. We have been at cities for some ports now, and this connected to my Swedish side loving nature.
The town Etretat was adorable, with flowers and cute old buildings everywhere.


And as soon as we saw the cliffs we were blown away- white beautiful cliffs were surrounding the beach on both sides, and the beach was made of pebbles. Bekah and I soaked our feet in and it was cold, but walking back on the pebbles that had been heated was nice, although the pebbles gave a great massage on the back of our feet.


We also hiked up one of the cliffs- and DOWN too. There was a great view and a good exercise. I wonder how they form and how they became so tall because they are really vertical.


We had a delicious meal- a potato with camembert cheese on top with salami, prosschuto, etc with a salad. We also got a bottle of cider to share. Yumyumyum and I was so full after. We lied in a beach for a while and I caught up with mama & papa, and also had the worst cider ever tasting like olives with the girlies, Barbara, Clau Beth and Bekah- one that was 3 for 10 euros.


Bekah and I had another stroll where we got some bread for tomorrow and an icecream. My stomach really could explode with happiness. We took the bus back, explored Le havre a bit (a lot under construction,a little people, a little action and a little dull), we managed to find wireless in the mall so I caught up on internet, and then since beth went to grocery store once she was done she realized she will be late for kisen. We tried to find a taxi unsuccessfully, and started jogging- when we came up with the plan that Tiev and I take their luggage while Jay and Beth run to the port- it turned out to be a successful plan, and I had a slow nice stroll back with Tiev.


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