Friday, December 2, 2011

My encounter with Montessori モンテッソーリとの出会い

One of the biggest things (and one of many...) that changed my life and opened my eyes and mind was my encounter with Montessori Education on the boat. 
On this 74th voyage, Peace Boat also had an onboard kindergarten, and at this kindergarten they use Montessori education. Read more about it here:


I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach children of ages 0-3, as part of Kids' GET, English instruction for children. I will write more about this experience in another post, but it was through this that I learned about the Montessori method. Interestingly enough, I myself attended a Montessori school for kindergarten, but it was the first time that I properly and deeply engaged with it as an educator.  

私は幸運にも、Kids' GET、子供に英語を教えることになり、0−3歳を担当した。この体験の事はまた書くけれども、それを通してモンテッソーリについて学ぶ事ができた。不思議な事に、小さいときにモンテッソーリの幼稚園に通っていたのだけど、教師としてここで初めてちゃんと、そして深くモンテッソーリとかかわり合えたのはとても嬉しかったし貴重におもっている。

In my mind, Montessori is...
Following the child at his/her exact development. Not being in their way. 
Allowing learning to happen because the child wants to learn and is choosing his/her activity. 
Which in turn creates a motivated, independent child who truly knows himself/herself.
Children who know their capabilities with confidence that they can do anything if they want to, because that is what they have discovered (not told or taught) on their own already in their journey in life. 


It is... 
An environment where the teacher is not imposing him/herself. 
A place where students are learning MORE than the teacher is teaching.


I am learning too, because I want to! わたしも、学びたくて学んでいる!

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