Friday, December 9, 2011

Peace Night & Clau's Birthday ピースナイト&クラウディアの誕生日

August 15th is a special day for two reasons.
It is the day World War Two ended. And it is Claudia's birthday, our lovely Spanish teacher from Argentina.


For the end of World War Two, there was a huge event called the Peace Night. As part of the night to remember the lives lost and to celebrate and appreciate peace, many of the teachers joined the group of participants doing a "Peace Dance".


But before that, we had a relaxing day to celebrate someone special. Always positive and willing to help, Claudia's presence was necessary and so important on the boat.
We enjoyed breakfast with some music & birthday song.


photo from Clau's blog:

We had a relaxing day at the pool after our Peace Dance practice.


photo from Clau's blog:

Lots of dance practice and then dinner! 

Then came Peace Night. From my diary:
There was a lovely shadow puppet of elephant named Hanako, who would not eat the poisoned apple during the war, who lost weight and died- it was beautiful but so sad. 


photo from Clau's blog:

Next was our dance。 Next came testimonies from war from different people, all ages and nationalities and languages. It was very touching and it illustrated that this one war brought so much to many different countries: the day of war ending in Japan is independence day for korea etc. there is always 2 sides of the story. 


It was a very thought-provoking and touching event, very effectively put together with no MC, guided by light and music, and I think it was very effective. It taught many people the importance of peace and peace keeping and not have war repeat. Mother Teresa’s quote was mentioned that there are two types of poor countries- the financially poor one like India, and the ones that are ignorant to other suffering countries, like Japan.


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Peace is something we make together. Protect together. 

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