Monday, July 25, 2016

Breathtaking, Kind and Timeless Nepal: Kathmandu, Pokhara and Mardi Himal trek

Someday, I will get enough time to transfer the diary entries to the blog, but here is a blurb from my “summary thoughts” on the last day of the trip with the photos. Breathtaking mountains, amazing food and such warm people. 

“First time in Nepal, but I have a feeling it won’t be the last time. It is still very much a developing country, and seeing the effects of the earthquakes was heartbreaking, but the people’s hearts, smiles and eyes are so warm. 

I got such a genuine impression from the Nepali people. Looking straight into one’s eyes when you talk… doing what you can the best you can and with full effort…accepting nature, as is… not to hurry… being kind to people… All these things that seem easy but are difficult to keep doing, Nepali people do without any hesitations, even to strangers. It doesn't matter if a person has money or not, status or not, it’s about one human being caring for another human being. 
You can always “treat” people- with your heart, your words, and your actions, you can show respect, love and thoughtfulness. I feel so grateful to be reminded of these important things.

I also realised that I think I like experiencing “nothingness” , a sense of not being aware of time, that I get from walking in nature. Something that feels like it has no end (or not knowing when the end is) feels a bit scary, but it may be similar to life itself. And having that awareness I think allows me to have a greater capacity to take whatever that happens in life. Trekking made me realise that as people, we are all alone in the end, and that we need to use our own two feet to move forward…! 

Being in Hong Kong, everyday is very much dictated/controlled by keeping time (I know it must be the nature of my profession too), but in the natural, original sense of life of nature and human beings, time is just something that is, and just passes. But in schools, societies, work places, we cut time up into pieces, whether it’s dividing up children to grade levels, or making a timetable… Making nature unnatural, feels so unreasonable. The trip made me realise how much I value “unmeasured” time- I want to be conscious of it more, in the classroom and outside, where I do have some control.”

Special thanks to my two travel musketeers, Adriana and Aaron- you guys have expanded my way of seeing and traveling the world. With you, I have experienced and tried things I never even imagined or had courage to before, and it’s been so cool to know I can actually do these things… when you have friends that make you feel safe, things are not so scary anymore. 

A more detailed account to be followed... 




香港では(仕事柄もあると思うけれど)、時間に振り回されて生きている生活だけれど、人間や自然、本来は時間なんてただながらているものだけなはず。それが、学校とかだと、時間割や学年別に区切ったりする。自然を、不自然にしてしまうなんて、なんて理不尽だろう。 自分のできる範囲内、教室や自分の時間の中では「区切らない時間」を意識したい。」



Walking the streets of Kathmandu

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Blowing the clouds away!