Saturday, December 10, 2011

Egypt 1- Ramadan in Port Said エジプト1−ポートサイドでのラマダン

One of the great things about traveling the world with a boat- going through canals! 
Before arriving in Egypt, we passed through the Suez Canal. 
A place I had seen on the map or learned about in Geography class, it still feels unreal that I have "gone through" it.


We arrived before schedule, to Port Said, and so we set off to explore the port town. My impressions from the diary:
"At 4 we were already arriving at Port Said, and we got let out early as well! We took ourselves outside to explore. It was quite a shocking sight walking through the streets. The buildings were very old and the streets very dirty. It was also strange to think that this was the country that just had a revolution in 25th January. At first sight, every person I came across seemed very tense and with a hard facial expression, but soon I would hear “welcome to Egypt” also, and we were all thinking that maybe this is the change that is happening after revolution. "


Same as in Jordan, it was still Ramadan and this was still going on in Egypt. Even so, we were hungry and went for a quest for some food. We met a lovely 14 years old boy, Mohammad, who took us to a falafel sandwich place. 


Initially I was scared to eat the food as one of the staff had gotten a sick stomach from eating in the streets of Egypt. 
BUT... how could I resist this??...... 


it was YUMMY! and so worth a sick stomach (which thankfully didn't happen...)

Mohammed was 14, but behaved like a grownup, making sure everyone was okay and really hosting us at his country.

From diary:
"We continued walking a lot, when sun set. Immediately the shops closed, there were no cars or people around the streets, as everyone had gone to eat breakfast. We also happened to pass by a mosque, and you could see people eating while listening to the prayers. Barbara mentioned that Ramadan makes people stronger in that they really learn to appreciate food and how it tastes, and gaining strength from abstaining from eating."


"We dropped by a pizza place for free Wifi, and I called my sister through Skype. It was really really nice to hear her voice and to think that I get to see her soon. It also made me miss home and mamapapa, as she told me their summer visiting stugan and Inga. But at the same time I am experiencing and seeing so much, I wouldn't trade it for anything else. "


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