Monday, December 19, 2011

Home Sweet Home Sweden! 我が家へ帰るスウェーデン!

I woke up 740ish to get ready for breakfast, but with the announcement that we will anchor later than planned, ina and I took our time to get ready. We went upstairs and had breakfast, and then met everyone at broadway showroom (biggest lecture hall) to take the tender boat. 


We didn't make it for the first one, so we got on the 10:00 one, and when I thought sara was waiting at the station, she was actually right outside and it was the most heartwarming surprise ever! I jumped and we hugged and it was so great to see her. She also met many of the GETs and Ina, and it felt so nice because they are my family on the boat and it was just so exciting to introduce both sides as they mean so much to me.


We all took the bus and train into Stockholm and then went separate ways. The apartment in Stockholm was transformed into a cozy place with really nice furniture and decorations. And I was happy that the lamp and the things I bought in Turkey was so fitting to the atmosphere. 


We sat down and had tea, while I told her everything I had experienced and is learning, and she told me about her life in Sweden. At 4 we left to go to ICA and I stocked up on food- so excited!


And then we headed towards Noodle house. Seeing Edtsrom family was like seeing my second family and it made me so happy. And the food was delicious, and every part of me was so filled with happiness. At the same time I was feeling more and more sad about the lack of time… just with an hour, I had to leave at 6 to go to Stockholm sodra, and it was the hardest thing to say bye. I realized that I hadn’t been too homesick up til now, but seeing and spending time with sara made me not want to leave and be homesick.


I however saw bekah jay Belinda on the train and this got me distracted from thinking about that and to appreciate the boat family I have. We grabbed a hotdog on the way back and made it to the little boat and got back to our big home boat.


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