Thursday, December 15, 2011

Italy- Sick in Sicily イタリアーシチリア島でダウン

From diary:
Exhausted from the day before, I slept in until 9 today, although I woke up several times due to the docking squeaking sounds and announcements for arrival. Still, going back to sleep was really a nice feeling.


At 10 Jay Bekah and I the sick group went out to Catania. We dropped by a lovely bakery where I had a chocolate cream filled pastry, so did Bekah and Jay and we indulged in chocolate goodness. We kept walking and found the Piazza Doumo, where the church was and the square with the elephant statue.


The buildings were so beautiful and the streets the same, and it was just satisfying walking through the city. We found ourselves lacking energy though, and we stopped for lunch at another piazza. We ordered some caprese and pasta, including the specialty of Sicily called Norma pasta (tomato base with eggplant and cheese yum!) accompanied by lemonata soda which was really refreshing. With our sick/tired bodies though we could only eat ¼ of it, and we got it in boxes to go. Both breakfast and lunch I was surprised at how little English was spoken, way less than in middle eastern countries. It was a good opportunity to pull out the Italian phrases Steven had given us.


Bekah went back to the ship, and in the meanwhile jay and I kept exploring and found a lovely courtyard where students seemed to study. Only jay’s stomach ache got worse and so did my headache, and we slowly went back to the ship to rest. I took a Tylenol and immediately went to bed and slept like a rock for 3.5 hours and woke up much better.


I called Jay, and we went for a bite outside. The dinner wasn't the best (pizza looking bread), but the gelato was amazing. I could communicate with the girl in the shop more which was nice also.
Being able to communicate means so much!


Feeling refreshed and better!


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