Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Day of and for Friends 仲間の日

Lunch date with Masae and Yaichi, formal dinner with the KSB team, and birthday party for Masae and Happy, today felt like a day for friends- catching up, getting closer and appreciating one another.


I realized both that while we're all on the boat everyday, I miss the staff because our schedules don't overlap and often there is no time to hang out, but also that I am surrounded by such talented, inspiring and kind people whom I am learning so much from.


I cannot take this for granted!

@ Formal Dinner!

On another day, we had the All English and Spanish Day- where our students only spoke those two languages for the whole day. To celebrate their efforts and success, we had a karaoke night as well. 


This GET family, and my class too, takes an important part of my boat-life!
このGET ファミリーという仲間、そして私が教えるクラスたちもまた、私の船の生活の大切な一部:)

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