Monday, December 19, 2011

Finland- Going on the swings in Helsinki フィンランド:ヘルシンキでぶらんこ!

"Being back in Helsinki after 4 years was nostalgic but a pleasant experience. All the places I had gone with Aiko and Sayo, my high school best friends, were completely the same as then. It made me appreciate how we all changed so much, yet not at all at the same time. 
We are all in different places and on different tracks, but the way we know one another has not changed and it always will be the same. It made me happy, but it made me miss them at the same time.


I also discovered another place with new friends, my Peace Boat family- Suomelinna Island. Every good moment like this (like... going on the swings of course!) makes me appreciative. I need to savour any moment- it is so special that I am with these people for this time of 3.5 months."


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