Monday, December 19, 2011

Russia- assassinations and matryoshkas ロシア:暗殺&マトリョーシカ

Right after visiting Sweden, my computer screen broke and so I stopped writing everyday (I was typing my diary up til then...).
With excellent timing, my sister gave me a graduation gift- a beautiful, leather cover book.


From Russia onwards,  I decided to keep track of the things that stood out, by illustrating and writing. I will write bits of what is in this diary, and share the art that I've done, and of course photos I have taken.


"A country that I had studied so much about in high school, it felt weird to be in Russia and to see the country. The buildings were beautiful- especially those that were seen by tourists and is part of the major city. At the back streets many many buildings were old and crumbling. 
The guide would easily point out palaces or places people had been assassinated, and recognizing these from past textbooks, I felt like I truly realized that these events all happened and was true. 

I hope I can use this experience to make the topic engaging to students."



Like Egypt, all staff had to be on a tour in St.Petersburg- so it was a supervised visit :-) Even so, our guide was so funny and informative, and it was nice spending time with the interpreters, who are usually busy with tours at ports.


Saint Isaac's Cathedral- It took 30 years to build, and the inside was filled with gold and intricate illustrations....


We also took a Canal Cruise around the city... yes, we really LOVE being on boats. 

We also visited the famous Church of the Savior on Blood!

спасибо! Spasiba!

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