Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Memorable Mizuans up to Jordan.... ヨルダンまで乗っていた印象に残った水案の方々

Before going into detail about the very inspiring people, let me explain what "Mizuans" are. They are guest speakers who come on board to do lectures about various topics, usually topics related to the place we are approaching. Introducing us to things and insights we would otherwise may have not come across, I learned and started thinking about so many things.


Mr. Yu Tanaka
A specialist in global warming, sustainable energy, electricity, nuclear power... Tanakasans lectures were impressive. Facts, figures, statitistics and graphs made it easier for me to understand some of the more complicates issues, and I was most impressed and attracted to his ideas for sustainable energy.


From my diary:
His points were positive, that japan, being a very technologically advanced country is the country which is best conserving energy, and we can cut down more, just by buying home appliances that conserves energy just when changing electronic appliances. Using sho-ene (energy conserving) goods, batteries, battery cars and use natural energy sources would make japan independent and sustainable, which will lead to saving tons of money that now is spent on importing energy sources. It would also reduce environmental waste tremendously, leading us towards a more peaceful world. 


Another one of his lectures was on 3.11. earthquake and the Japanese government's conspiracy of hiding radiation numbers and setting the standard chemical values high. From my diary:
He gave us surprising statistics, where he claimed it wasn't a clever idea in the first place to develop nuclear energy plant when it is the number one country for big earthquakes. He also strongly spoke of being careful about food and drinks, as the government minimum intake of radiation was hundreds times more than what is allowed in the U.S. and Europe. It really scared me to know this reality of Japan, and scarier yet was that the information is not out so much there when the public deserves every bit of it.


Not a mizuan, but in my mind she is, Ai Onodera (co-ordinator for the Montessori Children's House onboard) also spoke about Fukushima Nuclear power plant issue. From diary:
It made me more aware of how uncertain the numbers and media is in Japan, and how we really do not know the amount of radiation that travel across Japan. It was a shock hearing that the government changed the minimum radiation level to 100 mini-Sievert when usually it is kept at 1 mini-Sievert. 


We saw in a documentary that many children of children who were affected by Chernobyl had health problems. It really hurt to see, and I think the audience all realized that this possibly can be Japan in 30+ years- whatever we research and do now, will affect the future in many generations, and I was taught that it is dangerous to just get relieved by newspaper or TV. One is responsible for looking at various sources about the same issue and make the best judgment for oneself, to be able to protect oneself and his/her family and future.


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