Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy Bee Day before Greece! ギリシャの前の大忙し!

The day before Greece was so busy- teaching Swedish, having meetings, organizing and being at events... 2 events!

Event 1: Teaching Japanese Culture to Tuebingen students
Onboard from Jordan we had university students from Germany, who had class and tours at ports that looked at how countries deal with their past. 

As part of GET, Bekah, Jay and I were in charge of the event where the GET students teach Japanese culture to the German students. They practiced language needed to teach 4 different cultural activities- wearing a yukata, doing calligraphy, folding origami, and playing with traditional toys, 

イベン ト1:ドイツの学生に日本文化を教えよう


The event itself was VERY successful and self run, as people were interested to teaching, learning and experiencing Japanese culture- we really just facilitated and it was a great place for people to mingle with the German students onboard.

イベントは大成功!来た人みんなが、日本文化を教える事と学ぶ事と体験することに興味をもっていたから、自然に進んでいきました 。ジェイは体調が悪くて来れなかったけれど、ベッカと私は歩き回って様子を見るだけ。参加者の人にとっても、ドイツの学生と触れ合えるいいきっかけだったんじゃないかな。

Intense origami teaching....


and calligraphy teaching....


and of course, yukata! 


We were proud of the students who taught, but also thankful to the guests we had :) 


Event 2: Greek Night!
As it was the day before Greece, Claudia and Barbara came up with an awesome event called Greek Gods' Night. All of us teachers were told to be Greek Gods and Goddesses, and perform in front of the audience. 


The event was very successful and fun, and I had a great time with the GET family- it was also cool to learn about different gods and goddesses in this way because you could really see and understand the relationships between gods and their stories.


The wonderful MCs and MCC! 

There was also a greek circle dance to wrap up the night and to get in Greek spirit! 


Super exhausted, but ready for Greece! 


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