Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Greece- travel back in time and 4 Shooting stars!   ギリシャータイムトラベル&流れ星4個!!

I woke up 7 for breakfast at 7:30- and we went out around 8:30… walked to the train, and headed for Athens. It took about 30 minutes, but during this time we lost Beth, and it became Bekah, Jay and I for Akropolis.


It was a nice walk up the hill, and the buildings were very very cool. It was hard to believe this building was the ones we had all seen in textbooks and history/geography channels growing up, and we got a strange feeling relating the real thing to the fake ones we’ve seen before.


It was quite a strange feeling to realize that it had been there, overlooking the city of Athens for thousands of years and still standing. There were quite a lot of scaffolding and construction tools supporting, but for me the eyes could select what I wanted to see, and all I saw was the ancient structure.


We also walked along the ancient Agora where the philosophers orated, such as Socrates. It had a beautiful and calm atmosphere, with ancient ruins lying around, and sitting in the shade there made me think and imagine how it would have been thousands of years ago.


After we decided to get some lunch, and found a lovely casual outdoor sitdown place where we had the BEST greek salad and pork gyros. It was very very yummy and I couldn't have been more satisfied and sleepy and happy at the same time. We just took our time and enjoyed the taste of tasty tomatoes, feta cheese, and olives. Even capers which I thought I didn't like, I loved.


After the delicious meal we made our way to the Syntagma square, where they do the changing of the guards, and that was very entertaining. The guards had a specific way of walking, like horses, and it was amusing. We then headed to find a café to sit in, and I had some frappe, and made a call home. It was so nice hearing mamapapas voices, and it felt nice to hear and find out things that have been going on at home. Mama had found blogs from people onboard and knew the things that were going on onboard.


We slowly headed back to Piraeus, and rushed back once we were at the station because we wanted to get the boat food. We made it! I took a shower after dinner to clear out my yucky hair from the dust in Akropolis.


I stayed up on top deck after the Departure ceremony that night and saw a planetarium above- all for the few people that were up there. It was the most stars I have seen throughout the voyage. There were so many stars and we saw 4 shooting stars while we were out, so it was nice sharing that moment together. It was way past my bedtime, but I think it was worth it!!


*not my photo, just an idea to show what it may have looked like :P

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