Monday, December 5, 2011

Jordan part I- A Kiss from a Camel & Intriguing Petra らくだからのキス&感動のペトラ遺跡!

First time in Jordan- it was a country of many surprises. Everything was different from what I knew or experienced before: the scenery, the language, the culture, the religion, the food. Perhaps that's why I found it the most intriguing and memorable country.


From my diary:
We woke up bright and early at 6 to meet for breakfast at 6:30, and after a long wait for our passports, we got out at around 9:30. As soon as we got out of the shuttle a flood of taxi drivers were eager to take us- and after a good 20 minutes of negotiating we got a deal. 


The city of Aquaba looked deserted as all stores were closed due to Ramadan. We listened to exotic Arabic music in the car, and dropped by an area with a man with two camels. The camel kissed me on the cheek and we also tried camel milk. He also treated us with Bedoin tea, and it was sweet and delicious.


When we got to Petra it was magical, fascinating and amazing- it is still hard to believe that people once built it- how did they think of this? It was very interesting. There were also a non-stop flow of donkey-riding/horse-riding/camel-riding offers and we all noted that these men were very good looking. 

ペトラにつくと、魔法にかけられたようなびっくりと感動。今でも、かつて人が作った物と信じがたい。どうやって思いついたんだろう? でも、その感動の合間合間に、常にろばや馬やらくだにのらないか誘われ続けた。しつこいんだけど、聞いてくる男の人たちはなぜかみんなハンサム。

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