Monday, November 28, 2011

Shaking heads for Yes in Sri Lankd! 「はい」には首を振るスリランカ!

Bits and pieces from my Diary:

I slept really well tonight despite the rocking ship, it felt really nice to wake up 8:20 ish. I went to breakfast with Ina. We had a relaxing time until 10:15 Voyage Orientation, where they told us that we would be able to get off in Colombo for a bit! SUCH excitement and appreciation.


We got off around 2 and took off on a 3 hour adventure. The port was 25 minutes walk away from the gate, and we were greeted by every person we passed by. People had beautiful smiles and honked from the trucks/cars to say hi. Once out, we got into a shop to exchange money- but they must have been a regular shop, not an exchange place because the mom just collected all the dollars and we had to wait a while to get the money. 


We then walked around Pettah area- tuc tucs were all over, cars and trucks and people pulling carts with tons of boxes, and everything was in a chaos as there was no sidewalk. People and cars, tuctucs were all mumbled jumbled and it was an atmosphere like no other. People looked at us since we stood out, but many were just interested in a positive way, smiling and asking us where we were from. In the streets we noticed way more men than women. Some people were in wheelchairs which they pedaled by hands. 


Bekah, Patri and I tried some juice in a store, Nattari juice made from a herb which was very sweet tasting a bit like honey, and Faluda, which was a pinkish drink with icecream floating on top, also super sweet. Bekah also got a samosa.
We also decided to ride on a tuc tuc to the beach. Honestly I was scared at first but the drivers would make jokes about us being too heavy etc, and it was a great way to communicate with the locals. The tuctuc experience was one of a kind too! Bumpy, loud but breezy, it was a fun experience.


The beach was beautiful- even though we see the sea every day, we got excited by how nice it looked. There were many families and couples and children, and they were all very happy to talk to us. I particularly enjoyed talking to a little girl name Ashana- who though little, spoke to me in very good English.


At the beach we had two interesting incidents. 1. Where Bekah almost lost her sandal by the waves, and 2. A man who agreed to take a photo of the 3 of us shook his head, initially making us think that he did not want to take a photo. He kept shaking his head also while photographing us, so Patri thought the photos weren’t good, but right before we said bye to him we realized the Indian/sri lankan way of saying yes by shaking their heads. We had a good laugh about it.


Thank you Sri Lanka。

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