Wednesday, November 23, 2011

1st Day of Everything! 全部の一日目!

This day was the first day of everything- English classes and Montessori!

Since start of classes was delayed, many students missed class not knowing there was a class.
This meant I had to change things around, and that we didn't have the initially planned 'First Class', but it was still nice to meet the students and start a relationship that will continue for the next 3.5 months.


I also had my first Montessori Kids' GET class. I was nervous but I taught "Big" and "Small" using the cubes from the Pink Tower, and to my surprise, the three children under two were interested most of the time. As I was worried from before how the children will react to my presence in the class, it was relieving to see that they showed interested in the lesson I presented.


Right after Montessori, Fruit Party! I was lucky to be able to help out at the event and tried many many different delicious fruits, MMMMMM!


In the evening there was also the GET welcome party- a party to welcome out students and to get to know one another better!

夜は GETのウェルカムパーティ。生徒たちを歓迎して、みんな知り合おうという企画!

Teachers wore silly hats....


Bonded with our classes....


enjoyed people's company....


danced our butts off....


late into the night... :)


 Long, busy day but with many achievements!


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