Monday, November 21, 2011

Jisa, Anti-Pirate Drill and Agent Orange 時差、海賊対策と枯れ葉剤

Diary Entry from July 28, 2011:

Today was another difficult morning- especially due to the evil jisa. Evil jisa refers to when we change the time forward by one hour. In our voyage we had a few evil jisa, but most were where we put the clock one hour backwards, which meant we gained an hour. 


An announcement calling “Bravo! Tango!” was the key word to announce presence of pirates and the protocol was to go to our cabins and lock our doors. All windows/doors were covered, and it was kind of scary to imagine something like that happening.


Today was the day we also decorated our classrooms at GET street. Since all classrooms are rooms that were cabins, they were all small, but it meant a lot for me to have a first classroom ever after graduating university. I decorated the room simply with just a calendar and a map. My hope is to have students' work up there as it is more their classroom than mine. It felt special to be preparing this environment- and my stomach had butterflies from excitement to meet my students and to embark on this awesome journey with them. 


We also had a talk and Q&A session with Mr.Tien and Ms.Ahn from DAVA NGO organization from Da Nang, Vietnam. They got onboard from Da Nang to spread awareness about Agent Orange and their work. I felt embarrassed not to have known about this issue before, and Ahn’s story of losing her father and herself being a secondary victim also made my  heart hurt. Mr.Tien seemed so passionate and explained thoroughly to us all, and I found that a very attractive characteristic. When Someone asked the question, ‘if you could talk to world leaders of today, what would you like to say?” Mr.Tien said without a doubt that he would rather choose to talk and spread awareness among ‘normal’ people and the people that surrounds him. To him, making these heart to heart connections and having people learn about the issue is far more important than making a request to a world leader. He was truly inspiring, and I asked for contact details for when I want to go volunteer. I hope I can do that someday… soon. Mr.Tien was a lovely man and it’d be nice to meet him again, and also help DAVA in any form I can.

ベトナムから乗船してきた、NGO DAVAのティエンさんとアンさんとの話とQ&Aもあった。彼らは枯れ葉剤について、そして団体が何をしているかを知らせに乗船した。今まで枯れ葉剤の存在や影響を知らなかった事が恥ずかしかったし、父親をなくし自身も枯れ葉剤によって苦しんでいるアンさんの話を聞くと、心がいたんだ。

After dinner was BUN’s last Kalima live. The sounds of his Kalimba sounded beautiful, and he also did a collaboration with Luna and Fuyuta- all very relaxing and beautiful! I got to talk more with Mr.Tien, and I really appreciated this opportunity of learning about war issues from these kind of personal connections- unique to Peace Boat. 



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