Saturday, November 19, 2011

Welcome Party and Boat Family ウェルカムパーティー&船内家族

On July 22st, 2011, we had our Welcome Party. Everyone dressed in formal clothing, and we went to the restaurant to enjoy a delicious three course meal. One thing that is very special about Peace Boat is that you meet someone new everyday- the dinner times are a good example of this. You often get seated with people that you don't know, and this is how you get to know them.
It was a nice experience to meet people this way- getting to know people who you would otherwise not have contact with, over food. That night we met a Japanese older couple dressed in beautiful kimono.


 After the dinner was the Party up on the Pool Deck. While the captain was taking photos with hundreds of passengers, I went around offering to take photos for people. Soon there was a speech by the captain and the cruise director, and the dance party started.


Pool Deck- A place where we eat breakfast, lunch, go in the pool, and gather for special events! 

A night to celebrate this special journey of 3.5 months- for better or for worse, we are together- it is quite a unique experience to share a lifestyle while seeing 22 countries, with 800 other people... A family of 800 people. 


Speaking of families, Peace Boat also had an interesting event of creating a family for you for the time onboard. It happens like this: one staff member will just pick out people, announce his/her role in the family, and then once a family is created, you are off together to bond! 


This was my boat parents- I also had 11 other siblings. In my real family I only have one sister, so it felt so cool to had so many brothers and sisters. 

We would have gatherings like this- although people got very busy right away. Even then when we see each other on the boat we would greet one another as family. "Hi dad! mom!"

Well here is my other boat family, one that I feel closer and more home with. 
We are getting to know the boat better- and here we're hanging out in Freespace, an area with red sofas- if the boat was a really big house, this is probably our living room. 


Words from my diary about that night:
"At around 10, Bekah, Jay, Patri and I went up to the top deck to see the stars, and for the first time in my life I saw a Shooting Star! I got so excited I nearly screamed in Patri’s ear. We could see many stars but I hope we see more during the voyage. I felt like a little baby being rocked in a huge bed, with a beautiful planetarium to look at. We really are such small creatures compared to the immense, vast, universe. This whole experience is so unreal still, but I am loving every moment of greeting new people, learning names, learning how to teach better and learning about the people around me. It has only been 4 days, but when I looked next to Patri when we were looking up to the stars, I couldn't believe that I just met briefly met 2 weeks prior- how incredible that we are all so close already."

「10時頃にベッカ、パトリ&ジェイと、トップデッキにいって、星を見に行った。人生で初めて流れ星をみた!! とてもとても嬉しくてパトリの耳の中に叫んじゃった。今夜はたくさん星がみられたけれど、この船旅でもっと見れるといいな。船に揺られながら座って空を見上げて星をみていると、大きなベッドでプラネタリウムを見ながら揺られている赤ちゃんのような気分だった。こんなにも偉大で大きな宇宙に比べて、なんて私たちは小さな生き物なんだろう。この体験はまだ現実味がないけど、すべての瞬間が嬉しく楽しい:新しい人に挨拶すること、名前を覚えること、どうしたらもっといい先生になれるか学ぶこと、周りにいる人たちについて学ぶこと。まだ4日しか経っていないけれど、横に座って同じく星を見上げるパトリを見ると、たった2週間前に彼女と出会ったことが信じられない。もうこんなにも仲良くなっているんだ」

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