Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why do bees have hairy bottoms? なんでハチのおしりに毛が生えているか知ってる?

From wise Steven's lectures and mizuan Mr.Takemura's words....

If bees didn't have hairy bottoms, we would all die in 3 months. Pollination wouldn't happen, plants would stop growing, animals including humans would die. A feature of just hair on a bee's bottom has an important purpose in our cosmos. These things that we think may be insignificant play a crucial role in the running of the universe. I thought it was beautiful how Steven mentioned that in the same way, we all have a purpose too. By existing we are already making a change in the world, and there is a meaning behind our existence. 


The earth is existing with so many miracles combined. Too often, we take this for granted and fail to recognize how fortunate and incredible it is. As one of the mizuans, Takemura-san said the Japanese word for feeling thankful is "Arigatai" but he also explained that the word derives from "Ari gatai", "rare to exist". The feeling to be grateful also means rare and specia, and we need to remember to let our children know about the miracles of earth before pointing out all the problems we have that we want them to solve. 


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