Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GET Project Presentations! プロジェクト発表会!

GET Project Presentation was an event where all the projects that participants worked on were completed and finally shown off to an audience. It was an event filled with many emotions- happiness, accomplishment, and where I think we learned a lot from all the projects. 


My two groups did amazing. The above photo shows the Children's Books group- despite the challenges like lack of time and materials, what they created was a lovely story. Tiev and I were proud!

Another one was the Music Video Team (below)- they created a music video to the song that the children sang throughout the voyage. They collected footage around different ports and inside on the boat. Well done!! 



The Radio team did a live show, very entertaining! 

The interview team showed a slideshow of what their findings were. They asked people around the world- what is happiness? what is peace? and also collected messages to Japan. 


The Performance Art team was done by one student. He painted the world, and created a video with paintings from different ports. Beautiful work!


The Photo poem team shared photos and poems to go with it. Some were funny, some were heartwarming, some were beautiful. 


Finally, we had the Play Team perform the "Peach Island Boy". This play combined two famous Japanese children's stories. The play was so well put together- the actors, the props people, they even made their own songs!! A great ending to the presentation. 


I think all of the teachers were super proud of the projects. We hoped that the participants thought it was fun. Looking back, it is a great memory.


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