Saturday, January 21, 2012

Disappointing Acapulco :( ちょっと残念アカプルコ

"Acapulco was unfortunately the port that was the most disappointing, even with little expectations to begin with. People that we interacted with were deceiving, very money oriented... 
The boat (we seem to not get enough of boats! haha) that took us to the beach, La Roquetta, took double the time they told us, with countless time fillers and opportunities to get tip: divers, underwater statues. When we actually got off the boat, it turned out that we only had 1.5 hours at the beach to be able to catch the last boat back. "

ボートに乗って(世界一周していてもボートに乗るのには飽きないみたい!寄港地でも乗り過ぎ 笑)ラ・ロケッタというビーチに行ったのだけど、最初言われた時間の倍もかかったうえに、何回もチップをもらおうとするあまりいらないサービスがあったりした:崖から飛び降りるダイバーだったり、海中の女神の銅像だったり。やっとビーチに到着したと思ったら、帰りのボートの最終便が1時間半後だということを知る。みんな、もううんざりな状態。”

Now as I look back on the photo, I see how beautiful the beach is... at the time, the frustration from being on the ferry disturbed my mood there. I am usually good at "resetting" the way I feel after something unexpected happens, but not this time.... what a waste! 


"To top it off, the "wonderful" dinner place that we were told about that was said to be 30 minutes away.... clearly wasn't! We ended up walking over an hour only to find out (by the 6th person we asked) that the area was still far far away. 
We gave up, and fortunately the restaurant by the beach was very good, and the day ended very nicely with a beer and a tequila with Logan. " Drink to forget the negative things....perhaps?”

”とどめに刺すかのように、またまた現地の人に教えてもらった徒歩30分にある「素敵なレストランエリア」は…まったくたどり着かず! 結局1時間以上歩いて6人目に聞いたところそれでもまだ遠いという事を知る…
諦めて、ビーチ沿いのレストランに入ったら、ご飯はおいしくて、一日の終わりはローゲンとビールとテキーラを飲んでいい感じ。” やけざけ?

I could kind of relate now as to why a few people didn't recommend Mexico to live in it... but I don't want to base my opinions of the place just with this short visit and just with Acapulco.

At least now I know what to be prepared for, for the next time... I am still hoping to stay long enough to discover the good parts :-) 



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