Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nanayoru Summer Festival! ななよる祭 夏祭り!

Another event in the Atlantic included the Japanese style summer festival. Participants created "omikoshi" that is used for traditional matsuri, in the shape of the earth with Peace Boat on it, performed dances from famous movies, and played games.


OHOH! That day was also super special because we saw DOLPHINS! Here, I am borrowing my friend Claudia's photo! 

In the evening there was a yukata fashion show- the boat families walked together, and us Peace Boat staff also walked together as one family.


At the very end of the night was traditional "Bon odori" dance. This dance differs depending on which area in Japan you are, but special to Peace Boat, we learned and danced four! different types of the dance.

Being abroad but still feeling the Japanese culture... perhaps this is why I haven't missed Japan so much.

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