Saturday, January 28, 2012

Rakugo- Japanese comedy! 落語:波のり寄席

There were many participants on the voyage, all with different backgrounds, experiences and hobbies. One of them was Shisho- the Rakugo master (Rakugo is a type of Japanese comedy). He had been on Peace Boat once before, and back then too, he prepared a performance where GET teachers learned and shared jokes Rakugo style. 

船にはたくさんの参加者が乗っていて、それぞれが本当にいろいろな背景や経験や趣味をもっていた。そのうちの一人は師匠:落語の師匠。ピースボートには以前一回乗ったことがあるみたいで、そのときも、GET の先生達が落語を披露する寄席を企画したという。

I initially went to say hi, with an intention to perhaps learn some short jokes as my dad loves jokes.... But!!! Before I knew it, he told me that I was in the performance as well.
Surprised but everything was so rushed, I decided to take this as another opportunity to try something new... I used to consider myself as passive and scared to take risks and to try new things... But I  think with this voyage I conquered this drawback and am now happy and excited to try new things. 


We were all given Japanese comedian names, and the calligraphy professional on the boat wrote it for us.

Nervous but excited and ready!

My performance was different from the others. I was assigned to do Nininbaori- a performance done by two people where one sits behind and acts as the other person's arms. 
I worked with a participant, and she became my arms. 
It was challenging to come up with a script that would entail movement of arms, but that would also be entertaining for the audience. Those of you who see the red on my face in the photos, the lipstick was part of the act!!
I was super nervous but made it through! 


The others did an amazing job telling jokes! There were some teachers who had to memorize the jokes completely.

Done, and bowing to say thank you! 

The whole performance team!

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