Sunday, January 1, 2012

Music Festival 音っちゃお音楽祭

A beautiful day in the Atlantic, a whole day Musical Festival Event was held. Participants, staff, all took part in showing their musical talents... ukulele, hula dance, choirs, we shared a great day filled with music. 


The CCs sang "The Lions Sleep Tonight"....
通訳スタッフのCCsは、ライオンキングの"The Lions Sleep Tonight"を歌い…

The GETs sang in Japanese! BEGIN's Shimanchu nu Takara....

Some dance performances also happened...

And the GET girls together with Sherry an American participant, formed the group "Sabor Latino" (Latin flavor) and practiced and performed a song in Spanish. with Logan's guitar! ;-) 

アメリカ人のシェリーと一緒に、GETガールズは「Sabor Latino(ラテンのフレーバー)」というグループを組み、スペイン語の歌を練習し発表しました。ローゲンのギターと一緒に:)

The Peace Boat Staff sang "Oh Happy Day"

At the Formal Dinner a few days later, we thanked Logan for playing the guitar and performing with us :)

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