Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuck in Acapulco! アカプルコから出られない!

"The night we got back from Acapulco, we were notified of a hurricane in the Manzanillo area, the port we were visiting next. This made us stay in the Acapulco bay for a few days. Somehow the ship moved slowly and we arrived to Manzanillo a few days later, but the port was closed due to damage done by the hurricane. 
Many were stressed about the delay for our arrival back to Yokohama, but I think de-stressing this frustration led to a huge party. Many were us were "out" til late, got a little tipsy and danced a lot and had a great time. It was fun to hang out and get crazy with the family I have grown close to these 3 months. "



Looking back, I wish we had more of these moments.... how lucky were we to be able to party til late and still be able to go back home, just by walking a few steps- one of the many great things about living on a boat, this one I should have taken advantage of more!  


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