Monday, January 23, 2012

FINAL PORT- Manzanillo! 最後の寄港地ーマンザニージョ

Manzanillo- Port #23, last stop of the voyage. 
This was the beginning of the end, where I think each one of us were starting to think what is next, enjoying one another's company, while also looking forward to going back to see the people we've missed. 
We had a big family dinner to celebrate the wonderful sometimes challenging times we had shared so far, to appreciate one another's presence and contributions in the voyage, to promise to make the last stretch a memorable one. 
Happy to have come so far and realizing that the people sitting with me feels as close as family... It is hard to believe that just a few months ago I didn't know these wonderful, inspiring individuals. But there is also the feeling of  sadness and emptiness that this special environment where we are together all day everyday, is ending soon. 



Have to make the most of it! Carpe Diem, Conquer the Day!

今ある時間を大切にしなきゃ!Carpe Diem、その日を摘め!

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