Monday, February 6, 2012

GET & CC Graduation GET & CC卒業式

On the day of Yokohama arrival, we had our last GET and CC meeting together. 
To sit in the Kids Room where we had our meetings everyday for the first half of the voyage for the very last time as this exact group made me a little sad. This was one of the last times we were all physically really together. 


What happened in this special last meeting was our own little graduation. The coordinators handed out certificates that had a common message that said that we had complete this global voyage, but also included a personal message as well. It made my heart warm with happiness and appreciation, thinking that the always superbusy bee coordinators took the time to do this. 


It was a lovely hour to shed light and to celebrate what we had achieved, individually, but also together.  
We had all been in this crazy storm of business and intenseness together, and survived, most probably because we were together!!! 



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