Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Disembarkation 下船

The day finally came on November 1, to get off the dear ship that had been the bubble and my life for the past 3.5 months. I realized I will miss different places on the boat...


like the Lucky Star Bar, where I went to get hot water for my tea a few times a day....

Free Space where I used to draw, write and hang out with friends... on the last day as you can see on the photo, everyone was hanging out by these sofas. It looked like a big family, treasuring their time together at the living room.


Outside, we saw Yokohama Bay bridge, where we went under on July 19th. I think that was the moment that really struck to me that we were back. It just felt weird to be back to a place that you left during summer, and suddenly now it had become if I have been in a time machine or something. 
If you look closer, you can see mount fuji at the back.



for us staff, the last two days were quite hectic. The day before arrival, we went to all the cabins to collect all the big luggages: suitcases and cardboard boxes, to label them and store them at the lower levels of the ship. 
On the last day, the assignment was to load off the luggage. I was lucky and was assigned to the disembarkation team- I went around cabin rooms, knocked on doors to check to make sure all participants had disembarked safely. Since I didn't carry my camera around me, here are some of Clau's photos to show the day:


the meeting
carrying luggages

Then, when all participants had gone off, it was quickly our turn to get off too. 
I saw the familiar scene of Minato Mirai that I grew up seeing, and felt that this crazy journey was over. 
At the terminal, there was an endless wave of saying goodbyes. 


I was relieved that all goodbyes didn't have to happen right away, especially with the people who I was closest to- the GETs. Many of them came to stay over at my house since they had to change the flight due to the cruise being delayed. 
It was so great to see my family (minus my sister who is in Sweden), to eat homemade food, to take a bath ahhhhh, and to sleep in my own bed that didn't shake. 


Home, sweet home, 
with the joy of sharing and introducing my new close friends to my parents. 

What a long, however, storm-like day! 



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