Wednesday, July 18, 2012

First stop, Yakushima: Day 1 屋久島:1日目

We flew from Tokyo to Kagoshima, and after a rough night in squeaking old bunk beds in a dormitory room at a youth hostel, we took a ferry to Yakushima. Being on a boat brought me back to my experience in Peace Boat, feeling the breeze and seeing the ocean made me feel calm.


This time, we also had a gorgeous view of Sakurajima Island, right off from Kagoshima.

After 4hours, we arrived in Yakushima around lunchtime. We went to the tourist office to find what we could do during the 2 nights that we had. First day afternoon after dropping our backpacks at our hostel, we took a long busride around the island to see the waterfall of Okawa, registered as one of Japan's 100 waterfalls.
The view from the bus was already amazing, with so many variants of green, but the waterfall was huge, beyond what I could imagine. We could hear the sound of the waterfall from the busstop where we got off... as we walked closer to see it the sound gets bigger and bigger and in your mind you imagine something majestic, so huge, so impressive. Yet, reality ALWAYS beats me to it- I realize that this is often what happens to me when I travel, and that is also precisely why I cannot stop traveling. I love the fact that nature or historical buildings or places always end up surprising me with their beauty and presence- it makes me realize how tiny I am and how big, endless, and special this earth is, for me to continue to explore. At the same time, I am aware that things are constantly evolving, for good or bad, and it is such a special moment that I share with a place, because it will never be the same and the thoughts and impressions I have is what is real and only for that moment. I believe that with people I encounter in my life as well.



Can you spot me? That is how big the waterfall is!
Yakushima was one of the places my sister insisted on visiting on this trip, and we were so excited to explore more of what it had to offer... as on the 2nd day, we went on a 10 hour hike to see the Yakushima ceder tree (though the 10 hour hike part, I was VERY worried about!)
私を探せる? 滝の大きさって私に比べてこんなに大きい!

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